Getting ready..

It was a sad day yesterday. I still walk around thinking about though. Can't let that ruin my spirit, it's time to get ready, the bus is leaving in about 1 ½ hour. I wonder if the artists are hanging out backstage? how dope would it be if the singer from Mustasch compliments Marilyn manson or something..I would pay to see them talk, honestly. Damn i'm so psyked about this! gotta go now, it's time..

Rest in peace king of pop. God bless you

One of the most loved and most greatest artist had left us. My heart is broken. I grew up listening and enjoying MJ's music with all my heart and he was an amazing pop artist. He was pop, and now he's gone. I don't wanna believe it. I'm fighting the tears. He will be in my heart forever.. And his music as well. The best pop artist ever known..I was a huge fan and i'll always be.. God bless you for changing the world with your amazing music. You've been more than just inspiration to me, you've been a hero. When I putted on your music i forgot about this cold world and just got lost into your music. You're music even kept me alive sometimes. It's the damn truth..growing up and listening to your music has somehow shaped me into who i am today, don't know how, but somehow. My heart is breaking because the king of pop has left us. God bless you. Love you forever and always

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.


What are you suppose to do when it's impossible to stop thinking? I didn't fell asleep until 03.00 o'clock last night. I have to get rid of these ticking bombs in my head..they're giving me headache. It's impossible for me to have a normal conversation with myself when almost everything is just spinning around in my head. I wish I could just sigh, take a deep breath and then it all would go away but this isn't normal. I'm thinking so much that I actually feel dizzy. Just want peace and quiet..

One of the most loved abba song finally gets into my head..

I'm actually not a huge huge huuge big fan of ABBA. They were amazing though. Still are. One of my favorite songs are Does your mother know and Money Money Money. Never really cared so much about "Thank you for the music". It just hit me a couple a days ago that if my soul could write songs it would sound like ABBA's "Thank you for the music"...My passion for music is so difficult to describe, not even I can do it. But ABBA sure could. Love this lyrics with all my heart

"Thank you for the music, the songs Im singing
Thanks for all the joy theyre bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk
She says I began to sing long before I could talk
And Ive often wondered, how did it all start?
Who found out that nothing can capture a heart
Like a melody can?
Well, whoever it was, Im a fan"

Def Leppard's Hysteria..

Long day, long face..haha..

Just came home. Oh god i'm soo tired. Had do stay awake at work today.. can't really complain though, it's a beautiful day. Not shitty at all. But I got nothing to do for the moment,just sitting here and thinking. Gotta plan my last day at work!? I asked a friend if she wanted to go out celebrating, we'll see about that. It's just going to end up with us drinking and doing shots until we're dancing on the tables..that would be dope though. Lalalaala...just dance


One week left until Metaltown. I feel so gooooood about it. Time sure flies, feels like I bought the tickets three days or ago or something. We're going to stay at the weirdest hotel in Göteborg, we will see how that goes, I don't really care, i'm there for the music and the music only. Can't wait!

Always fun hanging out with you darling

Last thursday My and Ess danced the night away..did we have fun..oh..yeah..

When swedish folk music doesn't suck

Glad midsommar alla. Sov gott i natt..

You got me feeling hella good so just keep on dancin

Dead men wishin they had gotten together with you girl
But you're a dirty little liar with a message of obsession to come

Cures headache

Falling in love with the band Velvet Revolver is one of the greatest things i've ever experienced in life.

The morning after....

Hahahaha..I'm sick today


My night started great, then turned into something weird and ended with beer,wine ice cream and Flip10 at my friends house. It was a good night. Peacee

@ icas house mothersuckerssss

Yo people.. it's only 15:00 and my day has already been crazy eventful. We woke up two hours ago and ate something, now she's cleaning her piercing, she got it yesterday and it lookssss cooolll.... I might go to a party tonight, we'll see about that. I have like the biggest problem to solve before i go there ;) ..what am i going to wear? hahaa


Don't fucking ruin my fridayspirit!

What is it with people that have to bitch about every little thing in this world? Carpe diem. You guys are going to die alone or something..


Wind it uuup


This sexy ankle boots is all I dream about for the moment. I just caught my breath from cumming..I came when I saw these shoes..but the prize was a big turn off though.. Buy me these shoes someone.


What a sweet,cool and adorable person she is,just like her music... Check this one out if you want to know a little bit more about her. Yelle is actually the name of the band so this is just a clip of Julie and what she loves to wear on stage etc.


Ess - It looks like a dumpling
Ry - Nah, I guess you don't have those in Sweden...
Ess - No, it's a dumpling! ..mmmm dumplings, mmm food......mmmmm tomato dick!!
Ry - I just choked on this chocolate when you said that

French pop? I call it awesome

Dark floors? what a lame movie


Don't ever watch Dark floors, it's such a lame movie. But we had so much fun anyway, thanks girls. I had to take a photo of a new friend i met last night. Her tattoo was something else. Slipknot ftw..

and yeah i know. I hate my camera too..

Go Alice

Keeping in mind how few people out there that really can preform live as good as in the studio?


Demons in my head. Can't think today. I should try to calm down but i'm doing the opposite instead. I could punch trough a wall made of stone

When i put my headphones on the whole world goes away

When swedish art doesn't suck..

"Den knutna pistolen" (Non violence) created by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd.

My Metaltown tickets

I can hardly wait. This just started to feel more real and the concert just started to feel more close!

Black tips..

neat, huh?


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