New shit:

From now on i'll be bloging on You can find me on this adress

New stuff on the way

Hi sweet people. Decided that if i'm going to keep bloging I'll create a new one..


"What is love? Love is when one person knows all of your secrets... your deepest, darkest, most dreadful secrets of which no one else in the world knows... and yet in the end, that one person does not think any less of you; even if the rest of the world does."

Twilight and chai tea

Watching Twilight with my mum,drinking chai tea and hanging out. Wonderful evening!

Büno tonight

2 movies on one weekend, not bad at all. Always fun hanging out with Tina Peena!

Xoxo Ess

Drag me to hell

Is now definitely my favorite horror. I loved it and it was so exiting and so crazy scary. So PROMISE me you'll watch it!
You will piss your pants...

Xoxo Ess

Että synti on hyvä

This shitty weather never seems to have an end. I had a quite nice evening anyway even though it started to rain. Met up a precious friend and we just sat outside talking. Reminded me again about how wonderful it is to just be able to hang out and talk with someone. It's priceless. Secrets, confessions and alot of sense of humor..that is what friends are for. I'm going to make some chai tea now, can't sleep actually. Thank you INDIA

Xoxo Ess

I need 3 o'clock madness in my life

To be sane is overrated. More madness to the people..

Long day, long face..haha..

Just came home. Oh god i'm soo tired. Had do stay awake at work today.. can't really complain though, it's a beautiful day. Not shitty at all. But I got nothing to do for the moment,just sitting here and thinking. Gotta plan my last day at work!? I asked a friend if she wanted to go out celebrating, we'll see about that. It's just going to end up with us drinking and doing shots until we're dancing on the tables..that would be dope though. Lalalaala...just dance

Always fun hanging out with you darling

Last thursday My and Ess danced the night away..did we have fun..oh..yeah..

When swedish folk music doesn't suck

Glad midsommar alla. Sov gott i natt..

You got me feeling hella good so just keep on dancin

Dead men wishin they had gotten together with you girl
But you're a dirty little liar with a message of obsession to come

The morning after....

Hahahaha..I'm sick today


My night started great, then turned into something weird and ended with beer,wine ice cream and Flip10 at my friends house. It was a good night. Peacee

@ icas house mothersuckerssss

Yo people.. it's only 15:00 and my day has already been crazy eventful. We woke up two hours ago and ate something, now she's cleaning her piercing, she got it yesterday and it lookssss cooolll.... I might go to a party tonight, we'll see about that. I have like the biggest problem to solve before i go there ;) ..what am i going to wear? hahaa


Don't fucking ruin my fridayspirit!

What is it with people that have to bitch about every little thing in this world? Carpe diem. You guys are going to die alone or something..



Ess - It looks like a dumpling
Ry - Nah, I guess you don't have those in Sweden...
Ess - No, it's a dumpling! ..mmmm dumplings, mmm food......mmmmm tomato dick!!
Ry - I just choked on this chocolate when you said that

Dark floors? what a lame movie


Don't ever watch Dark floors, it's such a lame movie. But we had so much fun anyway, thanks girls. I had to take a photo of a new friend i met last night. Her tattoo was something else. Slipknot ftw..

and yeah i know. I hate my camera too..


Demons in my head. Can't think today. I should try to calm down but i'm doing the opposite instead. I could punch trough a wall made of stone

Black tips..

neat, huh?

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