New shit:

From now on i'll be bloging on You can find me on this adress

New stuff on the way

Hi sweet people. Decided that if i'm going to keep bloging I'll create a new one..


"What is love? Love is when one person knows all of your secrets... your deepest, darkest, most dreadful secrets of which no one else in the world knows... and yet in the end, that one person does not think any less of you; even if the rest of the world does."

Twilight and chai tea

Watching Twilight with my mum,drinking chai tea and hanging out. Wonderful evening!

High on A capella


Shut your trash holes!

Stop starring and f*cking whisper when people passes by. Pathetic and SAD people! I saw a beautiful woman today. She was passing by a table with 5 teenage girls and they all starred at her and waited for her to pass by so that they immideatly could start talking shit about her. Stop focusing on other people and motherf*cking judge others..!!

Büno tonight

2 movies on one weekend, not bad at all. Always fun hanging out with Tina Peena!

Xoxo Ess

Drag me to hell

Is now definitely my favorite horror. I loved it and it was so exiting and so crazy scary. So PROMISE me you'll watch it!
You will piss your pants...

Xoxo Ess

Että synti on hyvä

This shitty weather never seems to have an end. I had a quite nice evening anyway even though it started to rain. Met up a precious friend and we just sat outside talking. Reminded me again about how wonderful it is to just be able to hang out and talk with someone. It's priceless. Secrets, confessions and alot of sense of humor..that is what friends are for. I'm going to make some chai tea now, can't sleep actually. Thank you INDIA

Xoxo Ess

Cause you know what I do when I do what I do

Came home minutes ago and got nothing to do. Figured I could do a quick update. Sitting here doing nothing. Waiting for dinner. Today I have sinned..i've been such a bad girl. Went shopping although I need to save my money. Bad bad girrl!...

vem gillar mina nya örhängen?

I need 3 o'clock madness in my life

To be sane is overrated. More madness to the people..


Let the good times roll

I came back from Metaltown last sunday. Got pictures and stuff but I can't upload it now since my computer is broke. What ever..doing all I can to not explode. Got alot on my mind..fuck I hate it. Can't some smart motherfucker invent a pill that makes you stop thinking for a while. Just want peace and quiet in my brain but during days like this it's too much to ask for. ....

Getting ready..

It was a sad day yesterday. I still walk around thinking about though. Can't let that ruin my spirit, it's time to get ready, the bus is leaving in about 1 ½ hour. I wonder if the artists are hanging out backstage? how dope would it be if the singer from Mustasch compliments Marilyn manson or something..I would pay to see them talk, honestly. Damn i'm so psyked about this! gotta go now, it's time..

Rest in peace king of pop. God bless you

One of the most loved and most greatest artist had left us. My heart is broken. I grew up listening and enjoying MJ's music with all my heart and he was an amazing pop artist. He was pop, and now he's gone. I don't wanna believe it. I'm fighting the tears. He will be in my heart forever.. And his music as well. The best pop artist ever known..I was a huge fan and i'll always be.. God bless you for changing the world with your amazing music. You've been more than just inspiration to me, you've been a hero. When I putted on your music i forgot about this cold world and just got lost into your music. You're music even kept me alive sometimes. It's the damn truth..growing up and listening to your music has somehow shaped me into who i am today, don't know how, but somehow. My heart is breaking because the king of pop has left us. God bless you. Love you forever and always

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

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